Private Boat Hire in Bangkok for Your Special Occasion

Why not hire a private boat in Bangkok with Sabai Cruise and create special memories down the Chao Phraya River? Our private cruises are affordable and an excellent way to celebrate your special occasion with friends, family and work colleagues. Whether it’s a private dinner, party or wedding cruise, we make it very easy for you to charter, hire, or rent one of our boats and host your own event. There will be nobody else aboard except your guests and our crew.

You can also check out the Thai version of our private cruise website at if you would prefer to read about us in the Thai language.


We own and operate our boats. They are specifically designed for private group parties on the river and regularly inspected and maintained to a high standard. Crew will pay attention to your safety during cruise. In addition, there are life jackets on board for all guests according to passenger capacities.

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